PopcornI was reading an old back country cookbook recently and came across the concept of making popcorn in the woods.  For some reason, the idea had never occurred to me, but a quick check of the cyber sphere revealed many YouTube posts of the process.  O.K then, I had to try it with my setup.  As you can seem, it works, but more about that later.

Some posts ago I blogged about the “Price of Nothing”.  Look it up in the Archives if you’re interested, but it was about the money spent to save a little weight.  The spirit of this post is the opposite – how little extra weight can you carry to enjoy something new or additional in the outdoors.  Popcorn is classic “comfort light” at just 2.7 oz. for the trip and 1.1 oz. per serving.  Here’s how.

For one person I use my small Snow Peak Ti 1.4 L pot with a cone windscreen, an Esbit tablet and my Fat Cat Ti Epicurean stove in simmer mode.  A small disposable aluminum baking dish, flatened to fit into the bottom of the pot, keeps the pot clean and the popcorn from burning.  Add a little oil or ghee and 1 oz. of popcorn kernels.  As the stove heats up, shake the pot and windscreen a little to keep the kernels moving.  When the popping slows down and stops, it’s done.  Experiment with the correct amount of kernels to keep the lid from popping off Orville Redenbacher style.   This could be a great treat after a long day on the trail.  Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Popcorn!

  1. Makes me hungry just reading about it! My trail designs Ti-Tri Sidewinder just arrived and I can’t wait to try it with popcorn. It is a purchase inspired by the this blog. Salt…gotta remember the salt! And ghee, I always thought it smelled like movie popcorn but I’ve never tried using it on popcorn. Brilliant.

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