A 2.8 oz. backpacking chair

Out in the wild I really miss a comfortable place to sit.  So here is my accessory that makes a Big Agnes or other air mattress into a chair.  Complete with a small storage pouch, it weighs 2.8 oz. Some sil-nylon fabric, 3/4″ webbing and two side release buckles, coupled with sewing machine time and presto. Slide the top and bottom sleeves over the ends of the partially inflated mattress.  Fasten the webbing straps together, adjust their length and the inflation level and you have wilderness comfort.

I have used commercial versions in the past that used stays to keep the back rigid.  They were a lot heavier and did not pack down well.  This approach solves the problem by folding the top third of the mattress back on itself to make a thicker backrest.  The double layer, coupled with the 3.5″ mattress thickness gives the backrest enough stiffness to dispense with stays.  The sleeves are 12″ tubes of sil-nylon sized to wrap around the top and bottom.  Make the top sleeve several inches larger to accommodate the double layer.  Add two rectangular pieces to the sleeves to hold them in place. Sew webbing lengths around the outer edges of the sleeves and attach side release buckles.

I put my small blue foam sit pad underneath the chair for wear protection if I am using it on bare ground.  That is really all there is to it.

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